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Re: Post Surgical Rhabdo

Originally Posted by Frank E Morel View Post
where did he say the surgery was " localized injury to his quads from 6 hours of compression, compromised circulation, etc."

spinal fusions are generally done under two hours from the time he is put to sleep then flipped on to his belly to being flipped on his back to wake up after being extubated.

sorry there is more to this story than a simple spinal fusion and developing rhado post op.

Right here:

the surgey lasted nearly 6 hours instead of the 4 hour predicted time, low phosphorus levels, and the positioning during the surgery. An Andrews table of some design was used. WFS link to a jackson table, Apparently the style used during this particular surgery contained a wide thigh strap to stabilize the position. This is what caused the pressure and resulted in the trauma.
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