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Re: Post Surgical Rhabdo

Far from it, I work in Human Resources. I've worked with this man for years, he's a mentor. He is a good man and I hate to see him writhing in pain, especially given how active he was before the surgery. Mentally and physically he is in a tough place.

He has seen well over 5 physicians of all different specialties now, and besides assisting with pain management, they have pretty much told him they can't help him. I thought this board may provide some insight because of personal accounts people have posted about bouts with exertional rhabdo.

I don't post much, but I do read the forums religiously. I scoured the previous personal accounts of rhabdo but none were like this situation, post surgical. Also, I didn't see anyone mention the extreme muscle cramps and knots that he has in his quads now. They are like baseballs. There seems to be no correlation between the good moments and any drug or treatment. One thing he also mentioned is the nights are the worst while the days are more manageable.
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