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I didn't want to hijack the Steelers thread - but I have a hypothetical rules question.

At one point in the game, a Seahawk caught a pass, tucked the ball under his right arm, was hit - and the ball popped out. No Steeler touched it and the play was whistled dead & the play was ruled and incomplete pass. I think the ball eventually rolled out of bounds. If I recall correctly, this was on 3rd down.

My question is: what would have been the result if it had instead (or upon review) been ruled a fumble that no one recovered?

Replay the down? Give Seahawks possession at the point of the fumble? At the point it went out of bounds?

We discussed this yesterday (as replay REALLY made it look like he had control) - but no one at the house *really* knew what the rule might be, just speculations.

Anyone here know?
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