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Re: Kristie does 30 Days in "Paleo Lockdown"

Originally Posted by Brittany Warren View Post
That. sounds. friggin. AWESOME! I am totally adding canned pumpkin (and coconut milk) to my grocery list. Mmmm.
Yeah, Laura's good for some awesome ideas for recipes!! Now I'm actually kind of my dark chocolate this weekend, or make one of her dessert suggestions...

Originally Posted by Brittany Warren View Post
So what's the deal with almond butter? It has more calories per tablespoon than PB, approximate fat...I wonder why PB is more satisfying. I need to expand my nut butter experience -- I've never had anything but PB. I feel a trip to the Whole Foods is in my future.
Peanuts aren't considered a Paleo item so peanut butter is out and the next most commonly available nut butter is almond butter. I'm doing loose Paleo so I could allow it under that definition, but since I'm using this 30 days in Paleo as a form of an elimination diet to determine any food sensitivities, and peanuts are one of the most common food allergens, I cut it out. And right now, I'm missing it!!! I'm certain it's the saltiness that I miss. It's not that almond butter is less filling/satisfying appetite-wise. At least I don't think so!
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