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DAY 1 - Monday April 20

7am wake up, take 1stmed1 with 8 oz water (med1 = medicine I'm taking up to 3 times a day to try to control severe and frequent headaches. It's my hope that by eliminating trigger foods I can get off the meds.)

715am 8 oz water

730am 6 oz water

745am 6 oz water

745am-8am "Breakfast"
Food log posted on Sparkpeople (WFS):

9am 6 oz water

10am 6 oz water
Extremely irritable. I don't know if it's the meds, impatience with one of my one-on-one clients (I work at a GloboGym and a couple of my clients are ridiculously resistant to CrossFit principles), or fatigue from getting less than ideal amounts of sleep for 6-8 weeks due to the headaches.

11am 1 tablespoon Intramax with 8 oz water (Intramax is an organic liquid multi-mineral/multi-vitamin that I take twice daily - when I remember. It's difficult because it can't be taken within 30 minutes of food, or within 2 hours of any pharmaceuticals, i.e. med1)

12pm 6 oz water
Still extremely irritable!!

12:15pm-12:22pm "Snack"
This was supposed to be a preworkout snack, but I ended up working until I needed to eat again.

2pm 2nd med1 with 8 oz water

230pm-3pm "Lunch", 6 oz water

4pm "Afternoon snack", 6 oz water
Once again, I kept working instead of getting my WOD in. Now I won't have time because I won't be done til 7 pm and I need to be in bed by 9.

430pm My 6:00pm client cancelled, I'll have time to do my WOD after all!

6pm "Preworkout Snack", 6 oz water and headed home for a late date with "Helen" (I'm behind on the main page WODs).

620pm-ish WOD
"Helen" sucked! Time: 13:10 with 40# PowerBlock (last time 12:48 with 35# kb)
Hamstring still giving me problems whenever I run even a single step. Thankfully I have an appointment with my chiropractor to get ultrasound treatment and massage on it.
Swings unbroken 1st round, 2nd round 14+7, 3rd round 11+10.
Pull-ups were terrible. Forearms were shot from having to grip the PowerBlock. Very awkward! I'm going to repeat this one at the end of the 30-Day Lockdown as an indicator of progress.

8:30pm "Dinner"

9:30pm Med2 with a little water (I don't like to drink a lot of water at night because I have a hard enough time getting to/staying asleep; I don't need to add trips to the bathroom to my nighttime routines )! Med2 is another headache med (Med1 = abortive/pain reliever; Med2 = preventive)

10:18pm So much for getting to bed by 9...This is something else I need to work on for this 30 days. Getting to bed by 9 every night!

Commentary on the day:
No hunger! I ate a lot of food, yet not a lot of calories (Doh! I will not focus on calories. I will not focus on calories.)
Mild headache throughout the day, worsened after WOD, still lingering.
Asthma triggered by WOD, still lingering even after 2 doses of inhaler.
Hamstring aching, changing from seated to standing/walking results in a limp, resolves after 4-5 steps.
Time for sleep! Gotta be up in...7 hours. Not bad I guess, if I can fall asleep (usually takes a few hours ).
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