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Re: Programming for bodyweight strength + endurance

Originally Posted by Paul Ryan View Post
Before we go on I have no access to weights etc. I want to gain some strength but my main focus needs to be endurance (military pft).

Up to now I've just been working out three times a week, intervals and sprints twice a week, and a longer run not more than 5k. Usually MWF. I also do bodyweight pyramids; push-ups and sit-ups in pyramid form before the runs.

How do I incorporate strength training into this? One thing in particular I'd like to do is strengthen my core and back; it's been injured in the past but I want to try my best to prevent anything like that happening again.

Any programming suggestions?

There are lots of threads about this very subject. Search for miltary and you will find. Also many websites specializing in military fitness also...

No weights whatsoever? Bag of rice? Jug of water?

I also usually do core before running, as a warm-up for maybe 20 mins.
Some static. Planks are quite good for the deeper abdominal muscles.
Front, side, back.
Some active, crunches, reverse cruches, v-sits, twisters, etc.
Bridges - do what you can do.

On non running days I do hips/glutes - part of the core also. So many different squats to choose from. Can work on SLS / pistols if too easy for you. Also Glute ham raise. Finally figured out a way with my ankles under a bed frame protected by a pillow.

Anyway in terms of running, when you know that 5K is a no brainer then suggest switching in slightly longer (slower) run - 5 miles for example one day. Then shorter run - like 2 mi another 2 days at medium-fast pace (tempo runs). Toss in some sprints towards the finish. There are lots of ways to kill that cat.

You could do intervals on one strength day, but not for very long. If you wanted to.

Hundred different opinions about running and they all work to a degree until you reach a highly advanced level.

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