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Each wall-ball shot begins from a deep squat.

Good question Mike. Here is what I posted on the WOD 030727 comments:


Your question is, I think, an excellent one. In a word, “yes”, the workouts are getting harder.

Our charter was to offer the public the same efficacious super challenging workouts that we were using in our local program. Feedback from these workouts has been fascinating, revealing, and non-stop for nearly two and a half years now.

The volume and variety of athletes offering us feedback is probably unique to our Internet approach. We receive more feedback on our programming every week than a university strength and conditioning coach might receive in a year, if lucky.

What this experience has done for us – what you have done for us – is allowed us to continuously improve on our offering. Our current regimen is more efficacious, simpler, and bolder, yet born from the fruits of your efforts and inputs. When you tell us how f@#$ing hard a particular WOD is we learn something. When you laugh at a WOD (not often) and finish in five minutes and repeat it and then go on to supplemental work, we learn from that too.

(Currently, we all feel that our best programming occurs when the assignment looks easy on paper but packs a completely unexpected whallop. Making hard workouts is easy. Making crippling workouts that look easy is an art.)

It might intuit well that improvements in our WOD’s efficacy might translate to more arduous workouts.


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