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Re: The week during the OPEN

I have focused too much on the open, constantly checking the leader board. Doing the workouts again and prepaired to do them again if the score could be improved on. Usually 2-3 reps either way for me. Sometimes that 2-3 reps is a big deal like on 14.3 from 139 to 141.

For some reason my life is hectic during Open times causing stress. This year is no different with kids and my ex. Having a bad back injury is not helping either.

I used to not do much training during the open week. Just focus on doing the open workouts and resting doing them again.

I find that being the fourth open having the maturity I will train much more than the years prior. I found out that the open month got me out of shape.

I think that the seasoned games athletes don't do much for the open. Its just another day and another workout. They kill it because nothing is bad thrown at them because they are good at everything. Yes they might get a bone and have a total wheelhouse workout.. Austin M on 14.1 or Josh B on anything C2B or CLB C2B.. Rich F everything is a wheel house workout.
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