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Re: Elite crossfit athlete development theory

Originally Posted by Alex Europa View Post

Long time no talk. Anywho, I agree with you for the most part, however I have started using rowing and swimming (both below AT) to supplement running and build a solid aerobic base. In my experience, both rowers and swimmers transition into better CrossFitters more quickly than runners. My aerobic base building includes 2-3 swims (more can be done if an athlete has time since they are not hard on the body), 2 rows (one "steady-state" 6k and one slightly slower 12-15k), and 2 runs (one alternating Tempo or Long Fartlek each week and the other aerobic intervals of varying paces, ala Coe's multitier approach). Me and mine have never felt better and mil testing times are either just at or below the max scores.

In conjunction with this, I utilize a Westside-esque approach to strength training (i.e., focusing on 1 and 3RMs of the core lifts and their variants) and develop anaerobic pathways with "planned" WODs (read: with a specific purpose). Yes, we train 2 (occasionally 3) times per day. However, my programming is designed (in my mind) for mil/leo/fire personnel who are not currently deployed (IMO, those who are actively in mission-ready status should follow a more maintenance-focused program, but that is certainly straying from the OP). Lastly, I cannot fail to mention that we do a fair amount of skill work focusing on the same areas that Steven mentioned, sprinting, oly/accessory work, and gymnastics.

- Alex
Sounds interesting although a lot of work to fit in one week.
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