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Elite crossfit athlete development theory

I admire and wish to emulate all of these elite athletes we see in the crossfit games. But several thoughts come to mind when i watch their performance. It seems the vast majority come from elite specialized backgrounds that foster their success.

Examples would be Josh Everetts Oly lifting experience, Rob Orlandos strongman background, and Welbournes Pro NFL days. I love crossfit as much as the next person, but, am playing the devils advocate here.

We use these athletes as the poster children for crossfit, yet, most of them were achievers in a more traditional sport. the question then becomes... can one develop that elite level of performance in the crossfit games, relying solely on a crossfit program and background?

unless i were an olympic lifter or strongman in a past life, can i expect to ever compete at that level, by grinding away at my local box?

in effect, the real question becomes.. is crossfit responsible for these athletes, or are the athletes responsible for crossfit?

food for thought.
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