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Re: are power cleans useful for the majority of lifters?

If a 160lb power clean (which will continue to go up) "isn't going to do anything for power, explosiveness, or strength" then how heavy do you think a pendlay row is going to have to be to improve power or explosiveness? Yeah, it'll help strength, but won't do particularly much for power or explosiveness...see my previous comment about force/explosiveness/NME.

I'm not saying rows are useless, but comments like the one in your previous post show a fundamental lack of understanding about what the power clean is supposed to accomplish.

Again, treat the cause, not the symptoms--if power cleans hurt because of lack of mobility, getting rid of power cleans is not the solution. Fixing mobility is. I wouldn't throw out squats if my knees hurt, I would address my mobility problems and figure out how to stop squatting poorly.
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