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Re: The Wolverines Log

Tuesday, 04.19.11
Gymnastics Warmup

5 Sets:
3 Freestanding HSPU with head hitting a 4" mat
10s Frog Stand on parallettes.
3 Sets:
5 Pistols each leg

Five rounds, each for time, of:
135 pound Power clean, 5 reps
135 pound Front squat, 10 reps
135 pound Jerk, 5 reps
20 Pull-ups
Rest 90 seconds

1:47, 3:00, 3:47, 4:10, 3:39

Very tough workout. Blew through first round and fought off feeling like I had to puke the rest of the time. Seeing good results already from the more advanced workout. It's less tiring all the time and the movements are getting easier even though I've only been at it for 2 weeks.

Took a look at the last two Open workouts. 20 minutes is a long time but I'm glad they had a longer duration one in there. I like the 145lb power cleans and T2B. Those are good movements for me. I'll probably try to get them both done in the next week and a bit.
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