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Re: Military leaning away from CrossFit?

Coach, As I previously stated in our emails...

There is definitely a difference between officially adopting and endorsing, versus support and participating on the user level.

Few government organizations will officially adopt or accept a brand-name program. Especially an organization that cannot have the strict oversight, administration, supervision, and logistics in place necessary to limit liability and injuries that any fitness program requires. It's the government. It has rules in place. The safe answer: Ignore it. Endorse nothing. Close your eyes. Some agencies have taken the risk of CF and made huge strides in their academy recruits, tactical units, and other divisions. These are not limited to anecdotal experiences.

But the reality paints a different picture. Take my tactical unit, my PD, and the local LE community at large. Big support of functional fitness (read:CrossFit). The momentum is gaining speed here in Chicagoland. Affiliates are popping up all over. The "users" are participating. So does my unit or PD endorse it? Not exactly. But it doesn't prohibit it. Nor can it. It allows it to occur...and generally likes the results it produces. It likes the attitude and character it nourishes as much as the physical realm.

Injuries will always occur no matter what the brand name label is. Accept it. It's part of doing business. We do the best we can to limit those injuries. Isn't that the best we can do? And with bad press, the same thing for government to do is distance themselves from the program. Typical liability-limiting..isn't that expected. Deal with it.

Lastly, (WFS) is from a good friend in New York. I think we'll all enjoy his remarks...

To put out a blanket statement that says SWAT, LE, or MIL is abandoning CF is ignorant. Maybe those who make such remarks do not have their finger on the same pulse I do...on the veins of USERS.

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