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Re: Military leaning away from CrossFit?

I think that banning CrossFit at this point would be near impossible. First off, from what I can tell the first of the major shipments of Op Phoenix Gear are on their way to or already arrived at their final destination. If each Marine unit has the equipment as the program was designed to do, then no "FCM" or fitness (right) center manager would be able to control what Marines do out side of their Fitness centers.

Two, with Andy leading the charge (and an up hill battle it was, Andy deserves a ton of credit for not giving up) at the NSWC, the Navy is not likely to ban CrossFit, again outside of it's Fitness (more laughable than the MC by a long shot) Centers.

Finally, even if there were a movement among the upper echelon of officers (which there isn't) to remove any trace of CrossFit methodology or protocol from the rank and file would be folly. The soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors have now grasped the value that the program carries to them as the fighting force. No general is going to tell them that they aren't allowed to do it. They may (which I sincerely doubt will ever happen) say that they can't do it on base, but no one will stop the truly motivated from getting to a facility.

Coach, I appreciate your tact on this. When someone (the military in this case) looks for a professional opinion on something they go to who they think of as experts. As has been the case for several years now those experts have had their collective identity and stature challenged by something better. Just as they didn't have the wherewithal to continue to make a better product, they also lack the integrity and fortitude (not to mention blatant science) to see this fight through. Whatever you need, we are here.
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