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Re: Military leaning away from CrossFit?

I'm going to give you four contacts of training soldiers and cops who have used CrossFit in their schoolhouse. Each has clear data making the case for the significantly increased efficacy, efficiency, and safety of CrossFit. Each case is entirely typical of CrossFit implementations everywhere.

The first is Major Wade Rutland. He brought CF to the Canadian Forces and was one of two officers who oversaw the experimentation and implementation at the Canadian Infantry School. From this experiment CrossFit has found it's way across all Canadian Forces.

The second in Major Jon Barba of Colorado State Patrol. He brought CF to the State Patrol academy where it has been the PT curriculum for years now where fitness is dramatically improved and PT injury is virtually non-existent.

The third is Staff Sergeant Matt Kostielney. He implemented CrossFit at the Marine Sniper Scout School. His trial improved fitness and reduced injury and wash out rate dramatically. There was no Rhabdo where it had regularly factored into the washout rate.

The fourth is Ensign Andy Stumpf. He implemented CrossFit at BUD/S Phase II. CrossFit is now part of BUD/S curriculum by name. Improved fitness, no PT rollbacks, and no PT injuries set 17 year records (the entire period data had been collected).

Criticisms of CrossFit's efficacy, efficiency, and safety cannot be supported by data collected anywhere and in every case the source of these criticisms is a competing civilian contracting business. Where CF has been tested, and those administering the test have had to show their data and put their name to the effort, the story has been the same - improved efficacy, efficiency, and safety over all other previous efforts, programs, or training. All of the criticisms of this program are anecdotal, accusatory, and conjectural, they haven't even risen to the easy scientific standards of a hypothesis. The scientific evidence is squarely, perfectly, on our side.

Each of these gentlemen has had personal and extensive experience with the political nonsense that this thread is about.

If anyone wants more contact agencies contact us. If you have data to offer contact us.

Thank you.