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Re: From no confidence to CrossFitence


First off, congrats on your progress. I read your entire first post, but will admit I didn't read all the followup so if I repeat something here that others have already said I'm sorry, but here is my 2 cents!

First off, DON'T USE THE GIRL AS A COPOUT! To really "GET" crossfit, you need to be with other crossfitters, and if your significant other doesn't do crossfit, they have to be supportive of you. This is a must. I'm surrounded by CF'ers and even when I have to do some WODS at the globo, I have 2 other fire breathing dragons that I do it with, and we get to our affiliate as often as our schedule allows.

My wife watched me do CF for about 4 months before comming on board, but in that time she supported what I did and was very proud of me, as was I.

Keep up the good work, make it clear to your girlfriend that she has a choice to do one (or more, but at least one) of the following:

1.)support and encourage you but not participate
2.)join you and start CF
3.)Leave you.

For you to be sucessfull at CF, your Significant other must do one of those 3 things. In my opinion it is that simple.

The 3rd option may sound harsh, and i'm sure others will agree/disagree with it, but in my opinion you have to look after yourself first, if you're not happy with yourself, or your life, how can you make someone else happy? Heck, and if worse case she leaves you, crossfit chicks are HOT! Get immersed in your affiliate and spend as much time with others from it as you can.

Just my humble 2cents!

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