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PHOENIX, Arizona (Reuters) -- "Send in the SWAT monkey" is not an order police commanders are accustomed to giving, but that could change if an Arizona police department follows through on a proposal to train a capuchin monkey for high-risk police operations.

A Special Weapons and Tactics veteran from Mesa, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, has researched the possibility of landing a $100,000 federal grant to fund a pilot program to train one monkey.

"Everybody laughs about it until they really start thinking about it," Sean Truelove told the East Valley Tribune, a local newspaper. "It could change the way we do business."

Major city police departments in the United States use paramilitary SWAT teams for hostage situations and in situations involving heavily armed criminals

So what do they give ChimChim a loaded bananna or a .44 magnum "The most powerful gun in the world".

Now for the bonus round:
Whos monkey was Chim Chim.
What SKA song has the term "loaded bananna"
What TWO movies refer to the .44 magnum as the most powerful handgun.

Is it time to retire now that the monkeys are taking over?:wink:.

Have a day eh

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