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Re: Bread question.

I'm a little curious about this; is there really a point to whole grain bread?

After some quick "research" I found a bunch of articles that essentially say there's no difference between whole "wheat" bread and white, since most times it's just food coloring or some such nonsense....

(all links WFS)

But the big thing is that whole "grain" bread is like 50% more better for reasons (glycemic index, fiber count, etc) but my question is - does this really matter?

We're talking about a couple of slices of bread, and a difference of like 40 points on the index, and white bread has about the same as a sweet potato which is touted as a miracle food. Plus, does that difference between a whole grain bread vs white bread actually mean anything on a practical level, or is it like taking a daily multi-vitamin - most gets flushed unless you're actually deficient in some nutrient?

I'd imagine that if you're cutting for competition or something, even a 1% difference counts since you're tailoring every single nutrient in and out for a specific outcome, but for a daily intake, is this really a significant difference?

Most looks claim "significant differences" between white and grain diets, but they don't really talk about the rest of the diet, and I wonder if it's the grain's specific impact on the glycemic index, or if it's that people who eat grain are the people who are examining their diets under a microscope and thus have better habits, generally.
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