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Thomas Girouard
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I do not post much, but do manage to read on on an almost daily basis. Quick background, 47 yo male, following crossfit for over a year. While I have always has some issues with my shoulders, mild soreness, popping, etc... yesterday something happened doing cleans. On the last set of 2, during the catch, I had extended popping, grinding feeling, it didn't feel like tearing, as I brought the bar to the rack position. I immediately new something was wrong and as the day progressed,things got worse. I cannot lift my arm at all, without extreme pain. As I try to rotate, I get strange feeling radiating down my arm. I do not believe this is muscular and have never had anything like this before. I am going to see a doctor today, but am looking for advice, has anyone experienced this, wouldn't mind some consoling given my wife has little sympathy for self inflicted injuries.
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