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Re: A Bears Tale

Originally Posted by Scott Jenkins View Post
Thanks Rich and just in time for me to edit. I see your time for Helen which is fantastic considering you have to start and stop the running machine (i try to leave it running and lower myself back on). I keep imagining a running track with a pull up bar in the sun! In my dreams!! PS I found 'Broc'

I understand your dream Scott, that would be just perfect ! I hate those treadmills with passion

Indeed I noticed the Broc' popping up quite often now in your log haha

I looked back at when I asked you your stats, I see your weight was 88kg.

Are you experiencing any changes there ? Because with Crossfit, I went from 87,5 to 85,5 quite rapidly, without any changes in my diet (I eat all the time), and I actually look "bigger" than before.
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