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Edward, it is funny you mention this, I was thinking about Heavyhands when I read the Mixed Mode exercise thread. Thanks for posting that site. I'd say Leonard Schwartz was definitely ahead of his time when he developed this system. A lot of his ideas would look familiar, using whole-body calisthenics and light weights. If he had added interval training concepts his workouts might have been right at home here today.

I remember I bought the book a long time ago and tried it with little 3# dumbbells in my room. I was very surprised at the great sweat I got going. (All other things being equal, a lot of sweating equals more output, right?) As discussed in the book, and the Mixed Mode thread, with the workload shifting all over the body, I was able to do a lot more work.

I tried running with the weights, pumping them as the book describes, but I didn't like it. I only tried the indoor workouts. Boredom is a factor, no worse than the various gerbil mills (stationary cycle, stepper, elliptical, etc.)

Ultimately it is still low intensity steady state exercise, with the limitations that implies. With that in mind it is great for a near zero equipment at-home / travel workout.
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