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Re: Avoiding Plantar plantar fasciitis AGAIN!

Originally Posted by Brian Strump View Post
Soft tissue work with a golf ball to the entire bottom of your foot, and using "The Stick" on your lower legs.
The golf ball on the foot is only valid if the plantar fascia has focal adhesions or is too short. Many cases of plantar fasciitis come on individuals where the plantar fascia is too long. Making it longer with the standard golf-ball massage may actually increase symptoms.

James, plantar fasciitis is typically caused by compensations due to reduced motion at the foot and ankle. If you can improve your dorsiflexion via stretching and foam rolling the calf, you can definitely reduce the amount you compensate. However, this doesn't automatically fix things. You could have poor posterior tibialis strength, possible foot deformity, etc. If it seriously bothers you, it'd be in your best interest to go see a physical therapist (physiotherapist) to get fully evaluated and treated. Sometimes, cases are so severe that orthotics are necessary, but not always.
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