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Re: Avoiding Plantar plantar fasciitis AGAIN!

Originally Posted by James D Hall View Post
I'm all healed after a grueling bout with PF! The problem was caused by too much beach volleyball and walking around the streets barefoot ( i live in rio de janeiro - it's warm here!). Now, I'm slowly re-starting activities on the beach. I'm walking on the sand and playing very light volleyball.*
Does anyone have any tips for easing back into this w/o getting injured again? I am seeing lots of advice but, much of it contradictory! Most of the advice is aimed at relieving PF symptoms - don't jump, don't go w/o shoes, stay off the toes etc. I want to know what I should be doing to better my chances of avoiding injury again! Like, what about jump rope? What about doing ankle and toe lifts with weights? Will these activities make me stronger or just irritate the foot again? **
Soft tissue work with a golf ball to the entire bottom of your foot, and using "The Stick" on your lower legs.
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