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Re: Your CrossFit Crystal Ball

I live in a small town which currently has 6-7 boxes within a 15 mile radius.

There was originally one, then the coaches left years back and formed their own.

Over time another coach from the first location opened his own box plus a variety of others have opened their own. 4 x training facilities are also in gyms in our town too. 4 boxes have shut down over the last 2-3 years (still have 6-7 open).

One "box" owns/affiliates/whatever 3 boxes (2 which are close and one was one of the boxes that closed/sold out).

Price ranges from 125$ a month unlimited to 225$ a month limited...

It still amazes me how so many boxes are here and still survive. Some make good money while others scrape by only because of their faithful few.

Having traveled and seen other boxes and worked out at some I amazed many are still in business and have not been sued by injured patrons.

The ones that do well combining community, solid coaching, and great programming will continue to grow and succeed while those who do not will either sell off or just close their doors.

I won't call crossfit a fad but even this board reflects the nature of our "crossfit" life. It swells right before, during and a little after the open/finals and goes down during the rest of the time.

Many have realized that crossfit can meet certain goals but that it has to be modified or supplemented heavily to reach other certain goals. It has also opened the eyes of many to powerlifting and Olympic lifting. These individuals will "enjoy" crossfit to an extent but will specialize in the others because they like them more.

So in 5 years crossfit will still be here. There will be a few main bigger boxes and some smaller boxes. There will be less as they continue to have to spend $$ for the affiliation. I have known many people who would open up a "box" if they didn't simply have to spend $$ every year just to use the crossfit name.

I have seen some "cave man" boxes open up and do well, saving money and still drawing a crowd while using a large chunk of the crossfit teaching and beliefs.

In order for crossfit to continue a solid upwards approach and success for boxes and affiliates, corporate might need to rethink what they are doing to have a constant presence in society and how to help the boxes succeed and thrive to help promote the crossfit name.
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