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I use a lot of olive oil. About 1/4 cup per meal and occasionally a bit more. I also include coconut oil, raw walnuts and macadamias. the n-3/n-6 profiles of these nuts are not bad. however I try to get the bulk of my n-3 in the form of EPA/DHA which is the form the body really wants. I do this by eating grass fed meat, n-3 enhanced eggs, and fish oil ( I do the carlsons lemon flavored oil...the stuff barry sears sells is excellent as well)

The n-3's in flax, walnut and other non animal sources must be elongated and additionally desaturated by enzyme systems of our body. This is a highly inefficient process and you get tinny amounts of epa/dha out with large input of shortchain n-3's. This IMO creates a high potnetial oxidative load and in the Omega Zone Sears aludes to the same. Personally I steer clear of large amounts of this tyoe of n-3.

As far as the amount of fruit you do you feel? So long as you are not getting "carb head" and your body fat is where you want it to be it is likely fine. The deal with onions and what not I think will be adressed below.

This is completely my own opinion...but I do not like the concept of mixed meals (protein carbs fat)
it does not model the randomized way huntergatherers ate and i do not think it optimally tweaks hormones. I tend to do protein/fat meals (with copious amounts of greens-antioxidants!)or protein/carb or carbs pretty much by themselves. The reasoning behind this can be found at and finding the articles by Jon Berardi titled "Massive Eating 1 & 2". it is excellent info and it is free. if you want to spend a little more $$ get Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Rob Faigan. This is for me easier than 5 blocks of protein, carbs and fat....and for me I know it works better. How much of that is due to ease of compliance vs actually having a more therapeutic effect...i have no idea.

BTW-all of these sources are going to have slightly contraditory info...just tinker and see how you feel and what makes sense.
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