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for about two months i had followed a "loose" paleo diet (actually, i didn't even know what the paleo diet was at the time, it just happened to be the way i started eating.) then i decided to go back to my "old way" of eating just to see what would happen. i can pretty much eat anything i want and not gain weight, so that wasn't an issue, i just wanted to eat a healthier diet and have always had problems with feeling light-headed all of the time, even after i eat. after going back to the old way, i started feeling like crap again and was convinced that the paleo diet was right for me. so for the last two weeks i have been on a stricter paleo diet and feel great. with robert wolf's advice i picked up a copy of loren cordain's book, which was very helpful and informative. i just have a few questions for those of you following a paleo diet:

what type of oil do you use, and how much of it? i have been using olive oil exclusively, but am thinking of switching to flaxseed or canola oil because these oils have a better omega 6 to omega 3 ratio. do you exclusively use one of these oils, or a combination of them?

how much fruit is too much? i have been using fruit in between meals (i eat about 6 meals a day), and can put away a lot of it!

should i limit my intake of vegetables like onions that contain high amounts of sugar?

finally, i usually sautee my veggies in oil to get in extra calories because like i mentioned before, it's actually hard for me to keep weight on. i am currently 6'2 and weigh 170 (this is the most i have ever weighed and can only attribute it to a rigorous workout regiment in the last four months that has led to gaining 6 lbs. of muscle - don't laugh! it's a good weight for a climber!). is there such a thing as too much oil in this instance, and if so, what are some paleo foods that will help me maintain my weight? i eat some form of lean meat/fish with almost every meal, and also eat a fair amount of nuts, but also know that a lot of nuts have a very high omega 6 to omega 3 ratio which is not good!

i would like to thank everyone who has answered my posts and offered advice! it is all very informative and helpful - especially for someone who is new to this way of eating and training! sorry about the long post, but i want to learn as much as i can! thanks again!


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