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Re: The Crossfit cop-out?

Originally Posted by Sean Dunston View Post
I am sure that more than a few of us own and ride motorcycles. Unless it is a little dirt bike, chances are it weighs well more than 350 lbs - mine is about 500 with a full tank.

There are two kinds of motorcycle riders -- those who have gone down and those who will go down.

Ever tried to lift a 500 lb motorcycle from its side, by yourself? The best two techniques I've been taught look an awful lot like a deadlift or a modified back squat/dead lift combo.

If the bike isn't working and I need a mechanic I can then run that 5k into town to get help!

Just saying...
Allow me to snip.

Why might you need to run 3 miles through the city? I don't know, when do you need to squat 350lbs?
My guess is that if you own a motorcycle, you better be able to Deadlift/Squat you bike AND run 3 miles. Better not sub that row today.

I was not bashing the Deadlift or Squat, I think they are just as important as being able to run. Due to lifestyle, some may need to run more and others may need to lift more, but overall they have an equal value. My personal goals are a 300lb Dead @BW 130 and an 18 minute 5k.
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