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Re: Do I have Rhabdo? Or am I just panicking?

To the original poster:

I've had the same symptoms once and it was not Rhabdo. I recovered after two or three days of rest.

I did one workout that ramped up my usual volume by 30% or more, including lots of pullups. After the workout I was euphoric. I was so excited I drove home, showered, and immediately took the wife out for dinner to celebrate my new PRs and apparently greatly increased muscular stamina. 10 minutes into dinner I started crashing and had an overwhelming sensation of tiredness.

Just like you my biceps got soft and squishy and felt like jello.

Anyhow - I recovered quickly and hopefully you will to! I read as much as I could about the signs and symptoms of Rhabdomyolysis at this point and was able to rule it out after monitoring my urine for the rest of the evening.
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