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Jeremy Froley
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Friday 060519

Overhead squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

CFWU x 3 with the pull-ups weighted
45 lbs x 10
95 lbs x 5
105 lbs x 5
115 lbs x 5
125 lbs x 5
130 lbs x 5

If i could choose one thing that has improved more than all others since i started CF, this would be it. The first time i did this, with a broomstick, it was the most awkward thing i had ever done and i could barely get to parallel while keeping a lordotic arch. is the most comfortable movement. My flexibility has improved to the point where my *** is touching my heels and my back is still straight. It no longer feels awkward, and most of all i'm getting stronger at it. I was hoping to attempt a higher weight today, but my upper back was VERY sore from yesterdays sumo deadlift high pulls. I was so sore that i couldn't stabilize the weight very well. Regardless, a very encouraging day!!!
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