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Re: Sharp Muscle Pain on the Right Shoulder

Please find my answers inserted.

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
If you want a real diagnosis, see an orthopedic doc.

If you want a guess by myself, we can do that..

1. Google a pic and mark where it hurts.
2. What exercises hurt? Which shoulder articulations hurt? Make sure you check both with passive motion and resistive/active motion. wfs

3. What type of pain is it? Burning? Ache? Tingling? Sharp?

4. What would you rate the pain at on a 0/10 scale? 0 being no pain, 10 being go to the emergency room.
When it was there it was about 4. Now about 1 or 0.5

5. Acute or chronic (chronic more than ~6-8 weeks)? What date was onset? How has the pain improved since the initial injury?
Acute. About 2 weeks ago. It has improved a lot. Today I did some bench press and there was little discomfort. But was able to lift the weights.

6. Have you been training through pain? If so, how long?
Been doing Squats on Tabata Intervals every morning. Just today did some bench press.

7. How deep is the pain? Is it more superficial tissues? Or does it seem to be more inside or around the joint? Describe it.
Seems more of superficial tissues. Around joint

8. What have you been doing for recovery purposes?
Taking some relaxant medication and a gel.

9. What seems to help? What seems to make it worse? Is it constant? Does it increase/decrease with certain activities?
It seems to have helped. Sometimes during certain activities, I feel the pain.

10. Check the tissue quality of the surrounding muscles. Which ones are tight? Which ones are tender? Is there any swelling?
No swelling

11. How does it feel after exercise (if any)? How does it feel at the beginning of the day? How about the end of the day?

12. Any previous injury history?
Not in my shoulder though. I have patella femoral syndrome.

13. How's your posture?
My posture has been good for a long time.

14. What is your current workout routine for that bodypart? Do you play any sports?
No sport. I felt the pain when I was doing broom stick squats. After that I stopped any shoulder related exercise. Just today I did some bench press. It may not be directly for Deltoid Lateral, but it involves to some degree.

15. Any other information I should be aware of or that comes to mind that may help?

Could diet be part of it? Stretching?
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