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Sharp Muscle Pain on the Right Shoulder

Hello Peeps,
I would appreciate if you guys are help me understand what's happening with my right shoulder. I was trying to do broomstick squats one evening and all off sudden I felt a sharp pain on the right shoulder.

Being not sure, I discontinued at that point. I consulted with a general MD and he said there is a ligament tear and he gave a spray and an few tablets. I still feel the pain here and there and have not lifted till now.

I'm was doing Strong Lifts and now its on hold till I figure this thing out. The doctor said, its an ligament tear ( an internal scar ) and is vulnerable to get injured again. I'm itching to continue with Strong Lifts again, but don't want to do something and make it worse.

Can you guys help me understand what's happening and what preventive measures I should take to keep progressing..

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