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For the last Year CrossFIt NQ has been operating out of an existing gym. Lucky for they guy that owns the gym it its becoming more and more popular. Unluclky for CrossFIt NQ we are slowly being crowded out as they get in more equipment to service his growing membership. For the last fue months i have been looking for my own box, i thought i had found the perfect space, almost a clone of CrossFitHQ but it got leased out from underme. Wasn't to be..... but I've found another space, not quit as pretty , or as big, but more affordable and on the option of a six month lease to start out with. Ive made an offer to the owner and should know by monday.
What do you guys think? 80m square, steal crossbeams under the "pretty" green shad cloth on the wall/ceiling for hanging rings
Brickwall down the side for wall ball and two toilets
Wish me luck
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