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Re: Squat and Bench Press Critique

Originally Posted by Adam Carlson View Post
Andrew - this is just my $0.02, but why stop doing SS until you have finished milking it for gains? Capping yourself artificially and moving on to an intermediate program will slow things down considerably. Did you stall and reset a few times on SS already?
I did SS about a year ago (did it directly after the sectionals as I realized I was comparitively very weak) and got great gains after doing it for 3 months and then stalling. I did not reset and went back on mainsite programming. My lifts still improved just not as much as when I did SS. Personally, I think I have taken advantage of "The Novice Effect" Rip always talks about so even if I stayed with SS, I would do the intermediate program.

For a comparison:

Start of SS (approx): Squat 205x5, Bench 185x5, Deadlift 225x5, Clean 135x5

End of SS (approx): Squat 300x5, Bench 215x5, Deadlift 285x5, Clean 185x5

Now (bests, not necessarily current): Squat: 345x1, Bench 235x1, Deadlift 375x1, Clean (squat) 225x1
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