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Re: Ernie's workout log

Games wod 11.4
Amrap in 10 minutes
60 bar facing burpees
30 ohs 120lbs
10 muscle ups
Total: 1 round + 10 burpees=110 reps

Definitely happier with this!!! I actually did my burpees faster than last time. I managed the ohs better than last time but stillgot them in 4 sets. I would have liked to havgotten them in 3 but stopped at 27 reps cuz the left shoulder was on fire!! I got to the muscle ups with 2:40 remaining. I got them done in singles. I had about 50 secs left after the last muscle up so I ran and fixed the bar and did 10 burpees. Man were my lungs and arms on fire!!!
I am much happier with this but realized I have to get better at high volume ohs. Thank you guys for all the advice and support. I'll post the video soon.
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