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Re: Floor Press

Originally Posted by Cameron Patterson View Post

It really depends where you are weak in the movement. When you fail a max effort attempt, where in the movement do you fail?

Everyone will benefit from floor press because of the emphasis on the triceps in proper bench press technique. But if lockout is your weakness, as it is for many people, floor press is one of the best exercises you can do for it. Because of the limited range of motion, you will be able to really focus on developing your triceps and the lockout of the bench.

So the floor press is one of the best assistance exercises you can do for the bench. And for the crossfitter, the floor press will also have benefit for your overhead press.

Also, if you want more information, you can check out Louie Simmons articles on (wfs) or (mostly wfs)
Gotta agree whole heartedly with this one! I don't think there IS another assistance exercise that is as effective at training the lockout as the floor press. You can go MUCH heavier than your bench with no risk of injury. You get training in not only your lockout, but also your grip and your stabilizers as well. It doesn't really matter much if your chest/triceps are strong enough to bench 500lbs if you can't hold that much weight at lockout to begin with. If you MUST sub out this exercise (I suggest finding a way to do it though) you can always lay under neath a car and try pressing the back bumper. Roughly the same movement and no racks are needed But other than that, I would have to seriously search for something comparable.
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