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Alexander Karatis
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They do get old coming from you! You know your stuff too well to be asking a question like that. Donīt get me wrong, we all need guidance and help, but getting a response from one of the guys here isnīt going to make it "official" for you...:happy:

With crossfit and a good diet, youīll soon see that a calorie is simply a tool you used to help educate yourself about nutrition. I donīt count them, but thats just me. I also eat plenty, and I do mean plenty and thatīs just me. Even on phases like the one Iīm going through now, where work wonīt let me get more than 3 days of exercise per week in, I still eat a lot and I still stay lean. Donīt worry about it that much.

Your psychological situation has a lot to do with feeling lethargic. With what you went through, I īd say its entirely normal.

BTW, if you donīt mind my asking, why is it hard for you to eat when hungry?
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