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Jay Edvardz
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Unfortunately, as of late, I have allowed the OCD side of me to creep back in to me dietary regimen. I have been following NHE, with great success, for a while now. On the plan calorie counting is not allowed and since the start of the program I have ben abiding by the rules, so to speak. Recently, though, I have begun to monitor my calories and even cut calories. Over the past couple of days I kept myself at 2000 calories. I am 150 pounds, follow the WODs as hard as possible and lead a fairly active lifestyle. Since restricting the calories I have been feeling lethargic, a bit cranky, and tonight I was ravenously hungry. Also, I feel as though fat loss has halted to some degree and I am hoping I am not screwing with muscle. I know I need to go back to just eating based on hunger, etc. It's just fairly hard for me to do based on a lot of issues from my past. Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas, etc., would be greatly appreciated.

(P.S. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I know these types of questions must get old coming from me)

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