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Re: Any tips on running classes with limited equipment?

Add in a run distance. Start half inside with the equipment, half on the run. The risk of backing up on available of equipment seriously goes down. If still in fear of doubling up on equipment, make it a task list. They must complete A,B,C exercises before moving on to the next round. Include a movement(s) that doesn't require equipment, pushups, situps, burpees, lunge walks, squats, jumping lunges, jumping squats...etc... Boxes can be used by two people, you jump, they jump... Limited space on the pullup bar would be one for you to specifically manage and keep the 'flow' of people coming on and off constant.

To keep people moving and not standing around waiting you will have to give in to modifying the WODs in some way shape or form so that you can facilitate everybody at least until you get more equipment space or the worse less clients.
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