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Brian Sharp
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Any tips on running classes with limited equipment?

How do you (or did you when you started up) organise a class to account for having less equipment than people?

Imagine you have a class of 10 people, but only 4 bars or the number of people who could use the pullup bar at one time was limited.

- Would you stagger the start, then feed people in in groups of 3 or 4 at a time every couple of minutes? Or for shorter WODs split the class into two and have one half do the WOD and one half something else (mabye a skill practice like the Burgner Warm up?) then swap?

- If you had a cindy type triplet would you start one group on the pullups, one on the pressups and one on the squats?

- What do you do if you have people waiting for a piece of equipment to free up? Do you have them doing something else while they wait? Either way, their WOD time will be effected.

- Would you change the WOD to account for the equipment limitations? If so, how?

Thanks for the benefit of your experience.

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