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Yes, the bar should move continuously from the floor to the racked position. It's a disqualification to stop once the bar is above knee level. I'm a stickler for this when I judge. But if you're not cometing it it's not that big a deal, your technique just won't be as efficient as it can be.

As far as the knees and the feet. Once the bar is above the knee and as you transition into the second pull, there is a slight 'rebend of the knees, then a 'jump, shrug' before you drop under the bar. Think about jumping up with the bar when you clean. Some coaches will make it mandatory that you jump off the ground and displace your feet out. Again, if you're not in competition it isn't so important, but you'll find it hard to make gains in your lifts if your technique isn't top notch.

Hope this helps.
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