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Re: Fran

Nice job, Sean. I've done Fran three times and have had significant improvements each time. Besides the WOD, I believe there are some keys that have helped get my time down.

First, the Zone.

Second, I do thrusters at least once every couple weeks, sometimes more. If they don't come up in the WOD, do some ME thrusters, e.g. 10 sets of 2. Weighted pullups also make a big difference.

Third, don't rack the weight on the bar to rest. Someone once posted that an athlete rests about 15 seconds each time the bar is racked. Rack it on your shoulders, take three to five deep breaths, and go again.

Fourth, and most profound, is a comment I read from a poster (don't remember who). "You don't need to rest as long as you think you need to rest." That's powerful stuff. You can rest until a) you've recovered and are ready to go again, b) you've recovered to the point you can squeeze out a few more reps, or c) you've recovered just enough that you're not about to spray projectile vomit all over the platform. No matter which one you pick, you're going to feel like hell when it's over. Might as well get there faster, right?
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