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Re: Fran

Originally Posted by Richard Hoar View Post
That's still a pretty good improvement Sean. But now you have the drive to improve even more next time.

Question though. You mentioned you had some trouble with the thrusters. Was it more endurance or strength? I'm hoping that all the olympic lifting Rudy & Casey have been having us doing will shave some significant time off my score. Personally, I was barely strong enough to do a 95 lb. thruster when we did Fran for the first time, but it was markedly more manageable when we did them on Wednesday as part of the triple crown. On the endurance side, 21 thrusters to start off with in that first round is definitely a handful, so I understand the body breaking down towards the end of that round.
Thanks, Richard.

I also thought I'd be set for Fran given all the thruster work we had lately.

Strength didn't seem to be an issue. I say that because I didn't "fail" so to speak, but I was simply so winded that I had to take breaks. If I remember correctly, I made it through the round of 21 thrusters fine, one break in the round of 21 pull-ups, but I think I had 3 long-ish breaks in the 15 thrusters and 1 longish break before and 1 during the 9 thrusters.

It is just gonna take more work!

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