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Right on Curtis. I like long running champions too, there is nothing like being a witness to mastery in any sport. I for one loved it when Michael Jordan was dominating the NBA for that very reason, it's simply amazing to watch. The same can be said about Fedor, though he is not as marketable as say Rampage Jackson is, he is the best professional mixed martial artists on the planet right now. I hope he does fight in the UFC, and I hope he dominates the HW field. However, I must admit that I like watching the underdog win just as much as I enjoy watching a champ decimate opponents. To me it's just as exciting to watch Gonzaga beat CC as it is to watch Fedor beat Linland.

As far as Hendo is concerned I think he'll be fine in the UFC. He's coming off two good wins, and is as skilled on the ground as anyone around. Additionally, I think that Pride will be changing to UFC rules in the not too distant future. Dana White has stated that he doesn't think kicking a downed opponent constitutes MMA.

One thing I fervently hope for is that MMA takes on none of the characteristics of boxing. As the sport rises even more in popularity the prize amounts for fights, or for fight contracts will increase. And as high profile fighters switch between UFC & Pride with more fluidity they will demand higher wages, thus driving up payouts for all fighters. At least that's how I think it will pan out.
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