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I agree with all of you about the amount of talent out there today. You are all right in your arguments. My post did seem a little bias and I'm sorry for that. My bad. MMA is great and the last few months really has shown some great upsets. My only argument is that all of these upsets were all done standing up and striking.
Serra (who has great skill on the great skill on the ground) was never expected to KO St. Pierre'(arguably a better striker. Silva (an amazing striker) was a huge underdog to Franklin (who normally dominated standing). And now Jackson beats Liddell again who most thought would not have lost in one punch (even me). I expected more of what happened in the first fight from Jackson (a ground and pound style). I picked Jackson to win by the way.
Would these have ended with KO's if not for the gloves? I think Silva's would have and that is about it.
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