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I write this because I am a follower of the UFC since it's beginnings. I really liked the UFC when they weren't wearing dynamite on their hands (Taped and 4oz. gloves). I understand that the sport has evolved but I really liked it more when it seemed to be more pure with no gloves. UFC seemed to also have lots more ground battles back then with more skill on the ground than brawn.

I never trained with my hands taped up until a few months ago. When I hit the bag it was like I had bricks attached to my fists. Suddenly the bag popped and flew further than ever before.

It is for this reason why I feel that while a lot of the stand up fighters will have great upsets, they won't stay champion for very long given the fact that anyone can get knocked out with the small gloves and taped hands. Because of the gloves and tape fighters don't have to worry about breaking their hands and can then throw crazy hay makers. For instance, I don't think Chuck Liddell would ever have been champion as long as he had without the gloves.

I say this with the up most respect for anyone in MMA.

What do you all think?
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