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I am not a cop. Nor do I play one on TV. But I was awakened by a phone call from the SWAT team once...
Way back in the '80's I was renting an "in law unit" (separate entrance, etc.) in a house at the time, and my landlord was crazy. Nice guy (a doctor who ran a low cost health clinic, never turned anyone away, good heart...), but a little crazy. Well, more than a little. He and his girlfriend had driven down to TJ for the weekend, gotten back about 4 am. His gf's parent's came by to check in (because they hadn't heard from her all weekend or some such) about 7 am, knocked at the door and wouldn't go away. He responded by firing a .22 through the door. I had slept through all this.
So I'm awakened at 8 am by a call from the SWAT team on my phone line. They had the house surrounded, and my landlord wasn't answering his phone. So we talk, and let them know that I'll be coming out of the house with my bass guitar (had a gig that day). So I come out. SWAT team snipers in the trees. The whole thing is more than alittle surreal. I go next door to the neighbor's house where they've set up their post. The Dr. is still not answering his phone, no communication. I offer to go in and talk to him, 'cos to me he's just my landlord. The SWAT guys are surprised, since to them he's an armed and dangerous guy (good perspective, that). Anyway, I go up to the door, yell in that it's me, and he lets me in. He and his GF are inside making breakfast, pretending that nothing is happening!!! I explain that the SWAT team has the place surrounded, there are snipers in the trees, the phone ringing is the cops and hey, man, you've really got to talk to these guys or things will get bad. So he calmly finishes breakfast and then answers the phone and deals with the police...
Very surreal, at least for me, but much happier ending than some of these other stories.
And I was really pleasantly surprised at the professionalism of the SWAT team, in their interactions with a 20-something long haired hippie musician (me) during the event.
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