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Aaron Dutton
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Set a new personal record (PR) in the front squat this morning!

I had previously maxed triples at 185 lbs. (I'm 210 lbs, 6'1") Last time I maxed I knew I could go a little harder but I wanted to keep some in reserve for later. Today I did triples up to 185 and then singles at 195, 205, 225, and 235. I feel like I still had a little extra. I'll save that for another day. It was cool to do a bodyweight front squat (ATG).

I was curious about the front squat. My back squat 1RM is about 285 lbs currently (ATG). While I was front squatting 235, I didn't really feel it in my legs at all--I felt like I was going up some stairs. My upper back seemed to be getting the most work, from squeezing together to keep the bar in the right position. I can already tell it is going to be sore tomorrow.

I guess I'm wondering if others have a similar experience with the front squat.

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