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Re: Help with Overhead Squat

Originally Posted by Preston Sprimont View Post
Thinking about "breaking the bar" might be of help. You've likely heard this cue for the bench press before--I always tell athletes to break the bar like they're breaking a handful of uncooked spaghetti. The armpits forward thing is all about putting your shoulders in a more stable position by creating some external rotation torque, and the "break the bar" cue does exactly that. It also might help to think about externally rotating your arms so that the inside of your elbow is facing in towards your ears.

Glad to be of help. Keep at it! Mastering the overhead squat (and, eventually, the snatch) is pretty darn rewarding.
Thanks so much Preston..."breaking the bar" is a very helpful cue and one I will use...I really appreciate you taking the time to "talk" thru this. Thanks again so much!
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