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20 rep squats

Hi all,

I've been scavenging the internet for a specific 20 rep squat program, but haven't really found what I'm looking for. I'm attempting to throw a curveball in my squat programming by mixing in heavy 20's for one of my two squat sessions per week.

I did my first 20 reps today using 260#. It made me want to crumble to pieces and it made me question the point of even training at all, but when I re-racked the bar, I felt fantastically exhausted and satisfied. After 5 minutes of rest I arrogantly tried 275# and re-racked after 8 reps... no regrets.

My questions: what percentage of my 1RM should I be using to do a set of 20, and what is an acceptable amount of rest time while holding the bar on my back during the set? At the 260# I did the first 10 reps steadily, but not quickly. The next 5 each had about 4-5 seconds between each rep, and the last 5 had a significant rest, between 6 and probably up to 10 seconds. Is that considered too much rest, and thus too much weight?

For what it's worth, 2 months ago I had a 1RM of 400# but I'm assuming my current 1RM is probably more like 385#.

Taking on all advice, thanks!

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