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Re: ankle mobility help needed

I saw a chiro very briefly today. He believes I have an issue in my SI joint and that I have some sort of nerve entrapment kind of thing where the nerves/muscles responsible for keeping my heels down are getting cut off.

He recommended glute activation exercises, lax ball work in my glutes, and squatting with my back against a wall, going down as far as I can without my heels coming up, and repeating this several times. He described it sort of as, the point in my squat where my heels come up is the point where my nerves are getting cut off and I'm losing the ability to keep my heels down.

I'd really like to hear what your thoughts are on this. I really have a hard time believing this. Mostly because deadlift is my best exercise, my butt got way bigger after deadlifting for a year or so, and I even included glute bridges with a heavy barbell on my lap into my workout for awhile.

Also, if my problem is my nerves are getting cut off during my squat, wouldn't that mean that in a standing position my nerves aren't cut off and I should have full ankle ROM? but i definitely don't

I'll see him again on tuesday and I will try and find a way to get him to work more on my ankles without being completely dismissive of his previous ideas
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